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Woom produces premium ultralight bicycles for kids with a focus on beautiful design and high-quality components. They have a global presence with a focus on Europe and the US.

The Challenge

In 2023, Woom were celebrating their 10th anniversary and looking to launch their “10 years of magic moments!” campaign. 10YOMM would highlight the memorable cycling experiences that connect children with their parents, loved ones or friends.

They wanted to create an animated framework that would carry them through the whole year and be rolled out to different audiences across multiple countries and languages. The animated graphics needed to work as part of longer emotional hero videos that incorporated shot footage, as well as for short product-oriented sales pieces. They required high flexibility and scalability to cover all these various assets and needs.

The Solution

Given the scope and flexibility required, we opted to create a motion toolkit for the campaign. The toolkit would give Woom the ability to create video content for the initial launch and any future content required for the campaign going forward. This meant they were equipped with the tools to create the known marketing assets as well as any additional, ad-hoc requests down the line.

We took their brand elements and began an extensive R&D phase. Diving into design and layouts initially, before experimenting with bringing these to life through motion experiments to set a tone for how the brand should move.

Once set, we went through a process of animating each of the required assets that would form the motion toolkit. This included different styles of type animation, ways of transitioning between footage or graphics, multiple logos, animated accents and flourishes. All the time receiving feedback and refining the individual elements.

The final piece of the puzzle was packaging it all up into an easy-to-use After Effects project that any motion designer could jump into and utilise to create on-brand dynamic content. This involved built-in customisation, along with a series of ‘how-to’ guides in both written and video form.

The Impact

It was truly a pleasure working with the team at Buff on our 10 Years of Magic Moments campaign. Excellent technical skills, a very good understanding of our needs, always on time delivery and well organized feedback meetings have led to an extraordinary result that we are very proud of! We see Buff as a great partner and look forward to future projects.
Ralph Lemoch-Zizka
Head of Advertising & Design

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Woom Motion Toolkit

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