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Dotto is a Manchester-based creative studio founded by type artist and designer Dani Molyneux. They produce typography for thought, using words and a playful graphic style to create a sense of something bigger.

The Challenge

This was a self-initiated project with the goal of bringing some extra magic to a set of pre-existing posters, designed by Dotto.

The posters were originally created to inspire thought and positive change through typography. Through motion, we have given them a life outside of their printed form and our hope is that they will reach a wider audience online. We’ve now created 7 loops, and counting… The intention is to keep this collaboration ongoing, so watch this space!

The project was featured by the online magazine Creative Boom, which we're very chuffed about! You can read the piece here.

The Solution

We wanted to create an animation style that naturally continued across a series of animations. The biggest challenge was taking portrait posters and making them work for social video content. To some extent, we took into account the message and inspiration for the piece to influence the way it’s animated. Because the designs use flat colour, we took the decision to create them as GIFs. This keeps the image crisp as they’re not having to be compressed by a platform’s uploader in the same way a video file would be.

The Impact

“Working with Buff has been an excellent experience. The team are lovely and the work was beyond my expectations. I was blown away by the imagination and playfulness they breathed into my typography through animation. Would highly recommend, and look forward to working with them again.”
Dani Molyneux
Creative Director

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