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We know motion. But when it comes to your business, your audiences, your industry, you’re the experts. So when we talk about working together, we mean it.

Before we start getting creative, we like to really dig deep into your brand and your brief, understanding what makes you tick and what will make you smile. Then we work closely together at every stage of the process, happily looping in whoever you need to be involved - from big to small teams, agency partners and wider stakeholders.

This means that the final outcome is something we’ve made together. Something we can all be proud of.
It's great to co-create
From illustration to
From illustration to animation, scripting to sound design, we love all things motion.
animation, scripting to
sound design, we love
all things motion.
Marketing Promos

Up-tempo and attention-grabbing, a marketing promo is a bit like a film trailer for your business.

Awareness Videos

Videos that seek to raise awareness about a cause, campaign or initiative.

Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising is exactly as it sounds! It’s video content used for paid advertising on a website or in an app.

Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising covers ads beamed directly into your living room via a home TV screen.

Explainer Videos

A super popular marketing tool that neatly explains your product or service in 60-90 seconds.

Branded Motion Toolkits

A selection of motion assets that can be used for live events, presentations or in future video content.

Showreels & Case Studies

Pulling together your assets to create a compilation reel or share a success story as a video case study.

Internal Communications

Video content to communicate with your workforce about company initiatives, news or training.

buff motion discussing animation work in brighton
We always bring our super skills with a stellar service.

Project Management

We strongly believe that knock-out creative needs to be backed up by organisation and attention to detail. We give you a dedicated project management team to help the process run efficiently and leave maximum breathing space for the creative.

Discovery Thinking

We take the time to really understand what you want to get out of the project. This helps us create a product that hits all these key objectives and gives you a measurable ROI.

Creative Consultancy

All projects are overseen by our Creative Director & Co-Founder, Tom. His breadth of experience means we deliver first-class creative services as standard.

Creative Content

We craft a script that helps your message really hit home, then bring it to life with a visual narrative featuring a series of images and a detailed animation plan.

Design Development

Working closely with you, our creative team develops a visual design solution that’s tailor-made to complement and elevate your brand.

Professional Voiceover

We work closely with a number of voiceover studios so we’ll always find the right person to tell your story. We’ll source the artist, direct the recording, and manage the usage licensing.

Animation Production

We bring together our collective expertise to create pixel-perfect motion. We animate the storyboard assets, bringing them to life to create an engaging animation that connects with your audience.

Rollout Support

We’ll work with you to create a plan for releasing your content, suggesting the best platforms and formats for the biggest impact.

Sound Design

We finish the animation with layers of audio: music, sound effects and final voiceover. The sound design elevates the impact of the animation and makes the video more immersive.

buff motion team in brighotnbuff motion animation studioBuff Motion team member Abraham working on a motion graphics project
Our creative process starts with effective planning.

Here’s an overview of our typical production process broken into the key stages.

For each brief, we take this structure and design a workflow and schedule that works best for the project.

Kick-Off & Discovery

Our primary focus is to understand the project scope by meeting to discuss and refine a clear brief with measurable objectives. We create a realistic schedule and project plan to kick things off.

Script & Style Development

We explore the visual style and script content together. We develop the look & feel and share key style frames. Alongside this, we write the script which forms the backbone of the piece.


We build on the script's messaging with visual ideas to enhance the clarity of the narrative. We plan out the animation scenes and make any final tweaks to the script and style.

Storyboard & Design

We design the scenes and present a visual storyboard to agree upon the ideas. We include descriptions that provide detail on the movement and audio. Then we create and prep all of the assets ready for animation.


We animate each of the scenes and build transitions in between. We introduce complementary movement and extra touches for added impact.

Sound Design

We carefully select sound effects to support and embellish the animation. Then we harmonise all of the audio elements with a final mix and master.

Delivery & Debrief

We create and share the final deliverables. We close out with a project debrief including collecting feedback and ideas from our client. This helps us learn and develop to collaborate even more effectively next time.


We love to hear how the project has been received and how it’s performing. We use this data to inform future projects together.

"It was truly a pleasure working with the team at Buff on our 10 Years of Magic Moments campaign. Excellent technical skills, a very good understanding of our needs, always on time delivery and well organized feedback meetings have led to an extraordinary result that we are very proud of! We see Buff as a great partner and look forward to future projects."
Ralph Lemoch-Zizka
Head of Advertising & Design
"The entire team at Buff are great! They're smart, nimble and creative. We're so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you!"
Priscilla Colón
Head of Post Production
“We loved working with the Buff team on this. They handled all requests with such grace, kindness and accommodation, I really cannot thank them enough.”
Madison Brigode
“The whole team at Buff Motion have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From day one they were thoughtful, deeply engaged partners that worked to understand our business objectives and deliver impactful creative that speaks to our audience and exceeded our expectations. I can’t wait for our next project together”
Mark Trefgarne
“I've now worked with Buff for 2D animation and 3D modelling projects and both were extremely smooth experiences. The work was polished, thoughtful, and met all our expectations. They took any feedback constructively and brought a high level of professionalism. A great partner to have on board.”
Chad Wysong
Production Designer
Well Done Marketing
“We are delighted with the quality and impact of the ads that Buff have written and produced for us. We came in on budget and ahead of schedule with outstanding ads.”
Patrik Öqvist
Chief Marketing Officer
World Of Books Group
“Buff took the brief and ran with it to create something we're very proud of, that encompasses who we are in a not so boring way. The video was creative, dynamic and just… Ingenious!”
Carina Chavada
“Buff is an incredibly professional and talented team to work with. We were very happy with the final product and it perfectly communicated the high energy and playfulness that we wanted our new Fresco brand to convey. The visuals were stunning and there was a great balance between animation and photography that gave the video an extra edge. Everything was delivered on schedule with sufficient turnaround times for feedback.”
Alison Trueick
Growth Marketing Manager
“We love working with Buff - the teams' design and animation expertise paired with their stellar communication made this project a breeze. Buff never ceases to go above and beyond to impress clients - in fact, on their own accord, they integrated sound design to the spot to further elevate it. We've set a great flow on these Feature Drops and I can't think of anything we could improve on. For anyone looking to work with Buff, you can expect great animation, open and clear process/project management, and a team that takes great pride in their final product.”
Courtney Gnash
1st Avenue Machine
"Buff were a real joy to work with. They are a talented bunch and know how to bring brands to life. As an internal design team, we understand that working with other motion designers can sometimes be tricky, but Buff were a pleasure to work with, and were great at responding to feedback and helping to narrow things down at every stage. Buff produced a series of logo animations and moving assets that have given our brand a new lease of life. They delivered a full kit of parts that we can now use to expand and enrich the UKTV Play brand for years to come."
Peter Allinson
Head of Design & Brand
UKTV / BBC Studios
“Buff did a fantastic job. The team always stayed super friendly throughout and always kicked back great work and really cared.”
Roman Rütten
“The whole team at Buff are diligent, attentive, creative and extremely talented. The team will keep you updated on all aspects of the project as they are happening, and is passionate about supporting you with your vision/goal. The finished animation beautifully balances the sensitive topic with an engaging and interesting design. I have received so many compliments on the video and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It has far exceeded all my expectations.”
Dr Holly Smith
University College London (UCL)
"The kind of agency you dream of finding. Modern, fun, original and considerate. Terrific results. We are all delighted!"
Anna Gyseman
Design Manager
IMEX Group
“The team are clearly very talented and capable, all the work looks slick and well-considered. Buff motion handhold you through the process from conception of ideas to delivery, and hit all targets, timelines, and briefs on the way.”
Jonny Dixon
Head of Film & Video
“We’ve loved every minute of working with the Buff team and watching our video come to life. They’ve done an outstanding job and we’re looking forward to working with them again soon!”
Lucy Jack
“What makes working with Buff truly enjoyable is their flexibility, good nature, and willingness to go that extra mile to help you meet deadlines. They are also just nice people to work with. I was truly impressed with Buff and indeed we are already planning the next production. I recommend them unreservedly.”
Oliver Caporn
Global Creative Director
“Working with Buff has been an excellent experience. The team are lovely and the work was beyond my expectations. I was blown away by the imagination and playfulness they breathed into my typography through animation. Would highly recommend, and look forward to working with them again.”
Dani Molyneux
Creative Director



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