Logo Animations - A Compilation

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After years of producing logo animations for our clients, we decided to pull our favourites together in this compilation.

The Challenge

With every logo animation we produce, the challenge is to communicate the essence of a brand. It's something we love to do. The style of animation - whether it be playful, sophisticated or somewhere in the middle - helps to convey your brand values and personality in a way that a static logo can't achieve alone. A logo animation could be a standalone project or part of a longer piece, but almost every project we make involves animating the client's logo. It's all about bringing a brand identity to life.

An animated logo brings an added layer of professionalism and personality to a brand. It increases the viewing experience and helps deliver more awareness of a brand's true worth.

The Solution

We create logo animations that are designed to appear in key digital spaces where brands are present. They can act as an engaging welcome at the top of your website, in some cases bringing movement to the screen where there may otherwise be none. They can be used to top and tail any future content you produce; in this case, we can deliver versions with accompanying URLs or calls to action. They can be used across your social channels to drive audience engagement and bring high production value to your posts. They can also be used in presentation decks ahead of a meeting or during live talks.

The Impact

"Buff were a real joy to work with. They are a talented bunch and know how to bring brands to life. As an internal design team, we understand that working with other motion designers can sometimes be tricky, but Buff were a pleasure to work with, and were great at responding to feedback and helping to narrow things down at every stage. Buff produced a series of logo animations and moving assets that have given our brand a new lease of life. They delivered a full kit of parts that we can now use to expand and enrich the UKTV Play brand for years to come."
Peter Allinson
Head of Design & Brand
UKTV / BBC Studios
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Logo Animations - A Compilation

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