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Google is a multinational technology company on a mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

The Challenge

Periodically throughout the year, the tech giant Google releases a series of updates and new features for the Pixel phone. Google wanted help to communicate these new capabilities to Pixel users in a dynamic video that gets them excited about the updates. The video needed to showcase and show off the features - explaining how they work and showing people what to expect.

We were pleased to hear from Google that this video had the best engagement numbers of all the feature drops produced to date.

The Solution

Working with 1stAveMachine, we developed a playful animation style using fun kinetic typography that moves in a way to reflect the words we see. We wanted to ensure the video moved seamlessly between type, brand elements and footage; taking the viewer on a journey to discover the new features.

Using the music’s lead, we began by refining the edit and finalising the content we’d see in a boardomatic (a video storyboard). We then blended the scenes together to produce a cohesive, and sometimes surprising, piece that put our own spin on the previous feature drops that had been produced.

The final delivery was a 90 second animation published online.

The Impact

We made this feature drop video for the July 2022 release. It’s the second feature drop project we’ve worked on with Google and we’re chuffed to report that it went down really well! We received excellent client feedback and it’s had the best engagement numbers for their feature drop videos to date. We’ve also seen some lovely comments on Youtube and would like to say thanks to everyone for the appreciation!

“We love working with Buff - the teams' design and animation expertise paired with their stellar communication made this project a breeze. Buff never ceases to go above and beyond to impress clients - in fact, on their own accord, they integrated sound design to the spot to further elevate it. We've set a great flow on these Feature Drops and I can't think of anything we could improve on. For anyone looking to work with Buff, you can expect great animation, open and clear process/project management, and a team that takes great pride in their final product.”
Courtney Gnash
1st Avenue Machine

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Google Pixel Feature Drop

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