Google Pixel 6 Launch

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Google is a multinational technology company on a mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

The Challenge

Tech giant Google wanted to create a series of animations for the launch of the Pixel 6 phone. The videos were designed to play out across multiple curated screens in Google’s flagship store in New York.

There were 6 window bays with screens in the store. Each bay was assigned a specific persona to provide a lens through which narratives could be told to highlight specific features of the phone.

“The Buff team handled all requests with such grace, kindness and accommodation, I really cannot thank them enough!” Madison Brigode, Producer at 1stAveMachine, agency partner on the project.

The Solution

We collaborated with two powerhouse agencies to deliver this project: 1stAveMachine & Found. We were supplied 3D renders of the device and shot footage, as well as a base edit to work from with text on a timeline. Our role was to use motion graphics to tie the assets together and tell the story. 

We began the project with a rigorous R&D phase where we explored finding the right level of playfulness and character for the animation style. We had sight of Google’s recent campaign assets to give us a jumping-off point. We wanted to bring the characteristics of the features into the way we animated the type to personify the words. Our goal was to find a balance between creating realistic user journeys whilst also highlighting parts of the UI and embellishing the animation to keep it interesting as a promo. 

The videos needed to loop in sync with each other so that a viewer could see the Google logo animating on multiple screens in time together. This meant working with a precise fixed duration for the animations. The video above shows a montage from the final collection of videos. The video below shows all six videos playing out simultaneously. The final deliverables were 6x 45s videos.

The Impact

“Buff did a fantastic job. The team always stayed super friendly throughout and always kicked back great work and really cared.”
Roman Rütten

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Google Pixel 6 Launch

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