Working efficiently


We’re dedicated to designing workflows that allow projects to run smoothly, creating a healthy environment for creativity to flourish. Enjoying the production is as essential to us as the final product. We respect your time & budget and will use both wisely, with your best interests at the heart of our solutions.

As well as great creative, process is vital for the success of our projects. Working efficiently makes up part of our mission as a studio. Here’s how we normally run things...

Step 1 - Brief & Approach

We help shape a brief that outlines the scope and your objectives for the project. From here, we develop ideas and produce a proposal.


Step 2 - Script & Style

With the approach in place, we work up the script and develop the visual style. We produce static style frames to demonstrate the look & feel of the piece.


Step 3 - Storyboard & Design

Next we visualise the script and create a storyboard to communicate how the story will be told. We design, build and prepare the assets so that we’re ready to animate.


Step 4 - Concept Proof & Animation

We source voiceover artists & music tracks and produce an animatic with a short sample animation. Once you’re happy, we animate the full timeline.


Step 5 - Audio & Delivery

When the animation is approved, we work on the sound design. We edit the music, add sound effects, and mix the audio to balance the levels. Then we produce the final deliverables in the best format for your output.


Step 6 - Internal Debrief

Once a project is delivered, we collect feedback and review the work & process within the studio to look for ways to improve things for future productions with you.


If you have any questions about how we work, please get in touch. Our workflow is flexible, provided we have clear sign-off points, so let us know if you have a requirement for alternative review stages. We’re happy to discuss your needs and design a schedule that works for your project.